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Saturday, 9 February 2013

The first days of my new life

Ah ha!  I’ve only been in the house for a couple of days but I think I’ve worked out how to use the black box that Mistress seems to spend a lot of time fiddling with.  It would appear that “the cat” (they call her Millie) has a blog so, not to be outdone, I’m going to have one too.


Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Muffin and I am a 12 week old Cockapoo.  If you don’t know what one of those is it means that my mother, Whiz, is a cocker spaniel and my Dad, Rupert, is a poodle.  I was born on a farm near Burton on Trent along with my brothers and sister.  Life was just hunky dory until the boys just upped and went – they didn’t even say goodbye L  On Tuesday my sister went off in the arms of a very nice lady which left just Mum and I.  Mike, my surrogate Dad, then decided that I should have a bath – a BATH, I mean to say I know I whiffed a bit but a BATH!  I had more or less got over the trauma when two people came to see Mum and I.  It was quite obvious that they didn’t really want to see Mum at all – I was the centre of attraction J  Mike put me in the lady’s arms and there I stayed for the next 3 hours.  Mike called the couple Linda and Richard but I now call them Mummy and Daddy or Mistress and Master – just depends on how I am feeling at the time.  And here my new life begins.

We had a very long drive in the car but I curled up in a blanket which rather smelt of cat and pretended to sleep but I was really keeping an eye out just in case M & D decided to chuck me out somewhere but all was good.  We arrived at my new home about tea time and I was put on the floor for the first time – Mum said she hadn’t seen me walk before so I cruised around just to show her that I do have legs which work perfectly well.  It was at this stage that I realised that there were already two cats who live here – hmm I wonder how this will work.  Firstly I was introduced to Yoyo who is only a temporary resident and she doesn’t seem too bad and I think we can be friends.  But, oh dear, the other one, Millie she is called, jumped up on top of the boiler and has stayed there ever since – snooty wotsit. 

It didn’t seem too long before I heard mention of bedtime.  This was when I realised that my proper Mother was no longer around – who was I going to cuddle up to?  I was duly put into my crate and wished good night.  GOOD NIGHT!!!  Who on earth did they think I was?  Last night I had both my sister and my mother to snuggle up to but here I was in a strange house, in the dark and I was frightened and let them know!  I barked for ages – 2 hours I’ve heard mentioned - until I was taken into M & D’s bedroom in my crate and put beside their bed.  I was pretty knackered after all that barking and soon fell fast asleep.  I’m only a baby and still can’t make it right through the night without going for a pee so I woke Mum up and was taken out into the garden – it was freezing out there so quickly relieved myself and got back into my crate and went back to sleep.  Would you believe that Mum had to wake me up at 7.30am!  This is unheard of as Mike used to get up at 5am so that is my normal waking time.

Day 2


Hm – I hope all days don’t start with a needle stuck in my neck!  We went off in the car to see a very nice young man, a vet I think they called him, who checked me all over and then stuck the needle in my neck – it really hurt but I was very brave and I don’t think anyone noticed the tears in my eyes.  Back at home the day seemed to alternate between the house and the garden where I was told to piddle and whizz-pop – what on earth is whizz-pop???  I didn’t really get it at all but hey ho if they want to keep taking me outside then I guess it’s up to them.  Mum went off in the car for a while and came back with toys for me – they look like fun J  I’ve had a couple of accidents today – both wees and poos but I didn’t get told off just dumped out in the garden again.  Are they trying to tell me something?

Aunty Victoria, Yoyo’s Mum, came home from work and played with me – she seems like fun as she likes to roll around the floor with me.

At bedtime I was put in my crate beside the bed again but tonight I had a hot water bottle – that was nice.  I wasn’t too sure about being stuck in the crate when M & D were in their nice soft bed so I let them know but they weren’t having any of it so when Mum threw a pair of her jeans (they were still warm) into the crate I snuggled up with them and fell asleep.  I had to get up twice during the night – I think the injection has made my tummy a bit upset which didn’t really help in the middle of the night.

PS If you are wondering about the title of my blog, Millie’s is called “and Millie makes three” so it sort of follows – yes?

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