The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Days 3 and 4

Day 3




Thank goodness no trips to see the vet today – phew.  However this afternoon we went out in the car – apparently for tea whatever that is.  I really didn’t appreciate being put in the cat’s crate on the back seat - I much prefer to sit on Ma’s lap (yes she is now Ma and he is Pa).  It really is quite tiring barking for 15 minutes especially as it didn’t seem to make any difference – I was firmly told to be quiet.  We went to see a very nice lady, Pa’s step mother I think she was and she has a nice dog called Zara.  Zara is a long haired miniature dachshund and is apparently 9 months old - however I am taller than her though she is longer!  I was really looking forward to playing but she said she had an ear ache and didn’t feel like playing – huh!  Maybe next time.  On the way home I still wasn’t allowed to sit on Ma’s knee so I have to admit that I kicked off a bit but quite honestly by the time we got home I had given up.


Aunty Victoria was at home and we had a good game of rough and tumble – those games always knock me out though for the rest of the evening.


I really can’t get the hang of this bedtime lark.  I was very good till about 3am but I really needed a pee so I gave a few whines and was whisked out to the garden.  I really didn’t feel like going back to sleep after that so whined a bit more and was again taken into the garden – hey I could quite get to like this.  I managed to get them up four times in total – result!



Day 4





A rather boring day as no one seemed to have much time for me.  I was taken out into the garden quite a few times and walked around.  Ma found me a stick and threw it, only a few yards but Mummy Whiz you would have been proud of me as I took it back to Ma just as I remembered you told me to do.


In the afternoon we went out in the car again.  I tried to complain about sitting in the back but gave up in the end – it’s easier really.  Ma disappeared while we were out – not sure where she went but she mentioned something about shopping but that seems to be the excuse for all sorts of things.


I went home with Pa and we had a good bonding session and were both fast asleep on the sofa when Ma and Aunty Vix came home from the cinema (whatever that is).  It was nice to see Ma as I was rather worried that Pa had forgotten to collect her from “shopping”.


I think Ma and Pa have caught on to my early morning game as tonight I was left in the kitchen.  Pa put a board across the kitchen door, something to do with the cats being able to jump over it, but it is too high for me L  I’m afraid that at 3.30am I was wide awake and needing a pee but as I wasn’t locked in my crate I got up and relieved myself on a piece of paper that smelt as if I should pee on it!  I tried to summon someone but no-one came so I dozed a bit more and tried again but to no avail.  Hm – these humans are proving rather difficult to train.

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