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Thursday, 21 February 2013


So a weekend without Ma and Pa.  I really missed them but Aunty Vix was very good to me. 

We had lots of visitors on Saturday.  Rachel and Amy came in the afternoon – they are very nice people and made a real fuss of me.  There was lots of playing in the garden and I was pretty knackered after that.  Sam, Sandy and Caitlin came in the evening, they were going to stay the night but decided against it as they don’t fancy being woken up at the crack of dawn (or before) by my barking – all they have to do is come and get me and put me in their bed and I will be quiet then.  Don’t think Ma and Pa realise that yet!  The girls all had a Chinese take away but didn’t offer me any which I thought was a bit mean.

We had a quiet day on Sunday though thereIMG_2436 was lots of playing in the garden as it was a lovely day.  Aunty Vix was watching Game of Thrones on the TV and I was very interested in the dog, especially when it started howling.

Yesterday I met my first children.  Lisa came over with Mathew and Elliot and we played in the garden.  Aunty Vix found a big ball which was great fun.  The boys had their tea and I waited for bits to be dropped on the floor but nothing came my way.  Ma and Pa came home in the evening, I was very pleased to see them and, I think, made all the right noises to greet them.

I guess it’s back to normal today though I get the feeling that something is afoot as things are definitely happening here.

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