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Friday, 15 February 2013

A new style of blog

Dog on the line
I’m going to change how I write my blog from now on as I’m sure you don’t really want to hear all about my piddles and poos – though they are a big part of my day!  I will write my blog every couple of days now and pick out the highlights. 

o what have I been up to?  We’ve started something called lead training – I don’t really understand why I need to be fastened to a piece of rope and unceremoniously pulled around the garden and what makes it worse is that I’m not allowed to chew it!  Still afterwards we play with the ball which I really enjoy.

Ma went out this morning (work she called it) and as it was such a lovely day I spent a lot of the time in the garden just mooching around.  Pa had his little tractor out but I’m not too sure about it as it does make quite a noise.  Pa and I went to the tip with the rubbish trailer but of course I just had to watch from the car window – there looked to be all sorts of good things there to play with.

I’m sure you will be pleased to know that my cough is a lot better.  I just cough now when I’m running about outside – apparently I am having pills but I haven’t seen any so I think they are just kidding me.  However tonight I have been given short rations of dinner – VERY short rations and a rather nasty medicine shoved down my throat.  This is supposed to make my poo better as I have to admit it is rather runny at present.  I won’t know myself next week when I have good poo and no cough!!!  Sadly though all this means that I can’t have my second inoculation next week – I’ve got to wait an extra week but I really don’t mind playing around in the garden.

Ma and Pa are leaving me with Aunty Vix this weekend as they are going away.  I will miss them but apparently lots of Aunty Vix’s friends are coming to visit and I just know that I will be the centre of attraction J 

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