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Thursday, 14 February 2013

A nasty discovery


Today was not a good day. 
It snowed in the morning which I rather liked but Pa kept throwing snowballs at me which were very cold.
After lunch I had to go and see the vet man (except it was a woman) again.  I’ve been coughing and apparently it needed “seeing to”.  The vet was very nice but she put another needle in my neck and this time it really stung and I couldn’t pretend that it didn’t hurt – it did.  But then there was a rather momentous happening when the vet lady said very quietly to Ma and Pa that I am actually not a little girl but a little boy!!  It doesn’t make any difference to me as I am who I am but they were obviously a bit shocked.  It was a rather a quiet journey home and the mood in the house was rather sombre.  There was a lot of quiet talking – I think they thought I couldn’t hear but I could.  Things like “take him back” and “get another one” were mentioned which were rather worrying.  I tried to be as loving as I could but quite honestly I didn’t feel up to much as the back of my neck was still hurting and I felt pretty rotten.
We all sat on the sofa watching TV in the evening and I snuggled up between Ma and Pa to make myself feel better.  It did help but there was still a cloud hanging over me.
When I went to bed I felt very sad and sorry for myself.  Was I wanted or not, was I going to have to go back to Mike while they had another puppy to look after.  What was going to happen to me?  I had a bad night which was not helped by a new barrier across the kitchen which I managed to push over and then realised that I probably shouldn’t have done it as it could be another reason for me to go back.
So I have been here a whole week now and what a week.  I was really miserable at first but everyone here is so nice and I’m really settling down.  I certainly don’t want to go back to the farm so I will try and behave myself.  

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