The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Days 5 and 6

Day 5

 My favourite position

Off out in the car again but this time I was left on my own while Ma and Pa went off “shopping” again!  I didn’t really mind as I was rather sleepy so took the opportunity to catch up on a few zzz’s.  However Ma did come back with a rather interesting squeaky toy.

After lunch I had a visitor, it was Aunty Laura.  I have to say that I forgot to say that Uncle Bob was my first visitor on Tuesday when I first got home.  Just to keep you in the picture, Aunty Vix is Ma’s daughter – she and Yoyo are living with us for a while.  Uncle Bob is Ma’s son and he is married to Aunty Laura.  Phew these family things do take some getting used to.  Ma took me up the garden for a pee and I could see the two Aunties looking out of the window at me so I decided to do something clever but somehow managed to fall flat on my nose – still it gave them something to laugh at.

After all the playing around I settled down with Aunty Vix to watch Die Hard.  Ma said that I was really too young to watch it but I don’t know what all the fuss was about as it was so boring I just fell asleep.

Apparently Saturday night TV isn’t good and I have to agree as I just couldn’t keep my eyes open though I did enjoy Casualty.

My second night in the kitchen.  I thought I would just let them know that I really don’t appreciate being shut away on my own but I guess I knew it wouldn’t work so I gave up the noise after about 15 minutes.  I seemed to sleep quite well but at 5.30am I really had had enough and anyway I needed a poo.  I tried barking to see if anyone would come but of course no one did but I remembered the piece of paper so used that – that will save Ma a job in the morning.  However I then needed another poo and got in a bit of a mess and managed to walk poo everywhere.  Ma was very calm when she came in thank goodness.

Day 6


Ma and Aunty Vix took me to Tesco this morning – well they left me in the car while they went in but then we went to Pets at Home where I was allowed to go in – well carried in.  I chose a few toys, showed off to the cashier and then we drove home.  I’m really good in the car now – it’s not really worth barking and making a fuss as it only gives me a sore throat and I know we are coming back home anyway.  I love my new toys, especially the dog with the rope arms and legs – they are really good to chew on.

The afternoon seemed to be a mixture of playing and sleeping – nothing better for a puppy really.

Uncle Bob popped in to see me after he had finished work – I do like him as he enjoys tickling my tummy J

I fell off the sofa this evening, not too sure how it happened!  I was lying on Ma’s knee – upside down of course as it’s my favourite position – and next thing I was on the floor.  Ma said that I had wriggled in my sleep – I’m just hoping that she didn’t just tip me off!

Oh how I hate bedtime.  I know I will see everyone in the morning but it’s still hard.  I do like to object, just a bit, but it doesn’t make any difference – no-one comes L  Still things were different in the morning as Aunty Vix was going to work and was up nice and early – in fact before me!  I had made rather a mess on the floor which she wasn’t best pleased about.  But the main thing was that she went off to work and left me on my own again – not too sure about this plan.  I whinged and whined until eventually Ma got up to make the tea and take me outside.  There was rather a lot of cleaning up to do before making the tea though L

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