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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Busy Busy

I bet you have all been wondering where I was - but I have been so busy recently that I just haven't had time to sit down and write.  However we are off caravanning again so I've pinched Ma's tablet and decided to catch up on my blog.

Life has been a round of walks, visitors, games and sleeps (oh and some sun bathing).  I still don't get the whole walk thing, I'm dragged out of the nice warm house and expected to enjoy myself - they keep telling me that I should be running about and sniffing things - why???  Still Ma and Pa seem to enjoy it.

I've been out visiting - mostly other dogs which usually means lots of rough and tumbles, exhausting but fun. The photo is of Me and Minnie, a rather large Dogue de Bordeaux puppy who is in fact only 5 weeks older than me!  I have also been playing with Zara who is much more my size and is a miniature long hair dachshund. We have had visitors too - I met my granny for the first time last week

I'm now a dab hand with a ball and love chasing after it and bringing it back.  We also have a football though my game is noseball as I find it quite hard to kick it.

I like to spend time in Pa's shed, there are all sorts of things to play with in there though most of them are taken from me when I grab them. However a really good game is pinching bits of sandpaper and running off with them.

I have a new bed in the study now as Ma kept running over my toes with her chair as I used to lie right behind her.  It’s really comfy and great for stretching out on.

So my next blog will be about our caravanning trip – so watch this space!

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