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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Caravanning in the Cotswolds

What an exhausting few days but great fun. I’ve now met my cousin Niamh who, to be quite honest, is rather miserable L I’m told that she is 13 so I guess I have to make allowances but there really is no need to snarl at me all the time! However she does like to run around so I joined in and as long as I didn’t get too close she didn’t seem to mind.

The source of the River Thames
Once again I was allowed to sleep up on the bed in the caravan but I did hear rumours that next time it might have to be on the floor as I am growing so fast.  I only had to get up once each night which is a great improvement on last time.

On our first day we went to Cirencester where I walked round the town – my first trip to a town and, I have to say, I didn’t really like it much.  After that we went to find the source of the River Thames – as if I really cared but there was a lovely field to run about in and I had a little paddle too.

Broadway Tower
The next day we went to see a tower near Broadway, it wasn’t much fun as I had to stay on my lead which was a shame as the field looked really inviting.  Next was Bourton on the Water where we did a walk round the village which wasn’t really up my street but there were some nice smells.  Niamh has explained smells to me and, I have to admit, some are very interesting. 
Lunch time at Bourton on the Water
I didn’t like the caravan site much as there were lots of caravans there and I wasn’t allowed to wander around as I did last time.  I kept forgetting and would be rudely interrupted on my walkabout and taken back to the caravan.  
Still I really enjoyed my few days and I understand that our next trip away will be to our narrowboat – whatever that might be!

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