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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Home is boring

I’ve come to the conclusion that I would much rather be on the boat than at home.  Somehow I seem to get overlooked at home :-) Pa always takes me out for a walk in the mornings but after that everyone seems to be so busy.  One day Ma went out then Pa went out, leaving me of course, then Ma came home and went out again.  Then they had the nerve to go out again in the evening – it’s not on really.

Still the good parts were that I got to see Aunty Vix again and of course Yoyo and Millie.  Mille has become rather brave and isn’t running away from me so much – hmm I think I need to work on my scaring skills a bit more.  Yoyo, of course, just wants to play and we had some good games in the garden.
Granny and Uncle Richard came to stay for a few days – silly Uncle Richard will leave things lying around the place then gets upset when I pick them up and expect a game of chase.

One day Ma and Pa had a big barbecue.  No one was really taking much notice of me and I discovered that if I got underneath the barbecue I could eat all the fat from their food as it dripped onto the ground – yummy!  Only trouble was it made me smell horribly of burgers L  One of the visitors doesn’t understand puppies as she left her plate on the sofa and went to get a bread roll – that chicken joint was just too tempting and I whipped it before anyone noticed.  Sadly it was noticed that I was chewing something that looked like a chicken leg and it was taken from me.  The lady then realised that she was missing a chicken leg – hehehe!
A new toy
It was very hot at home and I really didn’t know where to lie.  Aunty Vix got out a paddling pool – I don’t mind getting my feet wet but they kept on thinking that I should like down in the water – WHAT!

Trying to drink out of the fish pond
I had a trip to AS and now sport a posh new haircut – it does make things cooler thank goodness.  Apparently I still smell of burgers though.

The ten days did seem to go quite quickly though but now we are on our way back to the boat – the only trouble is that it’s still VERY hot.

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