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Thursday, 25 July 2013

More time on the canals

Gosh where did the last four weeks go to?! One minute I was writing my blog saying that we were going back to the boat and now we are home again. 

We have all got into a good routine aboard Mary H.  I sleep at the bottom of Ma and Pa's bed and can now read the clock and know that 7.30 am is time to get up.  Some mornings my tummy seems to be rumbling a bit too early but I always get told to get back in my bed :-(  My breakfast is the first thing on the agenda - at least they have got that right! We then all go back to bed with tea - well I don't have tea though if I can get my snout into a mug of tea I will drink it.  We are usually up and about around 8.30 am and I go out for a pee.  After breakfast Pa takes me for my constitutional as he calls it.  Meanwhile Ma gets showered and dressed and then we are off.  Most days I'm allowed to help at the locks but sometimes I'm told that I can't as it’s either too busy or there is a road nearby.  I love locks - there are usually lots of good smells and sometimes there are things to play with like a plastic bottle or a clump of reeds.
I'm now a proper boater's dog
Anyway down to what I have been up to.  We went on a very big boat lift which took us from the canal down to a river.  It was a bit scary really dropping 50 feet in the boat!  We went on a bus to a folk festival - I quite enjoyed the music even when the man banged his drum right beside me.  We moored up for three nights at Northwich where I met Izzy who is a bichon frise.  She could get out between the railings of her owners fence and we played chase up and down for ages - perhaps I need to watch my weight as I couldn’t get through the railings.

We went into Manchester - oh boy was that boring.  I had to stay on my lead all the time and we seemed to go on a lot of buses.  The best part was that Pa found some sand and I really enjoyed playing in that.  We had five nights in the rotten old city - Ma liked it but Pa and I didn't.  Coming out of Manchester there were lots of locks to do and it was pouring with rain.  I helped with the first twelve locks but started to get tired and I was very wet so I went on the boat with Pa.  I started to shiver and I heard Ma say that she is going to get me a raincoat - that should be interesting.
One of my friends
We got back out into the country and I was able to enjoy myself again - there was lots of goose poo to eat but the killjoys made me stay on the boat so all I could do was look at it longingly.

I learnt a bit more about computers. Ma was working on her iPad when I heard Aunty Vix - I ran to the door but she wasn't there so I ran back through the boat but till couldn't find her - but I could still hear her. Ma said that it was FaceTime and if I had stopped rushing around and looked at the iPad I would have seen her - honestly does Aunty Vix live in an iPad? I don't think so.
Hey this bottle is empty!
We went to Hebden Bridge which I thought looked boring but in fact was a good place as there was a park next to where we were moored and each evening Pa took me and the football and we had great fun.  We went on yet another bus - I quite like buses really as I sit on a knee and look out of the window.  While we were in Hebden Bridge Ma discovered that I hadn't got enough food to last until we got home - oh boy did I panic.  I could hear them discussing whether or not to cut my food down or go and find a pet shop - my thought transferences obviously worked as Ma went shopping :-)

Somehow I managed to fall in the canal again - well that sounds a bit dramatic really.  I slipped down between a moored boat and the bank - goodness knows how I did it but I only got wet up to my waist again, I did break my harness though.

Our last night on the boat was spent beside a very big playing field and both Ma and Pa took me noseballing.  Memo to self - check with Roy Hodgson to see if there is an opening in the England squad for me.

It's hot up here Ma
I've had a great time though it has been very hot the last few days but I daren't go down below in the cool in case I miss something up on deck!

So we are now home for ten days - I wonder if there is anything exciting planned?

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