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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

As you can see from the title of this entry I am now really up on canal names.  It would appear that we are going to be away this time for about 6 weeks and will be doing a lot of canals.

The boat was really hot when we got back to it and it was even worse the next day as Pa disappeared off and left Ma and I to fry on the boat.  Pa came back with visitors – Niamhy along with Aunty Penny and Uncle Jim.  I love having visitors but AP and Niamh disappeared off again but left Uncle Jim. 

Help I'm stuck!
We then spent two days going through lots of locks most of which I was allowed to help at.  Thankfully the weather got cooler otherwise I don’t think I could have taken the pace.  I got chance to play with a few other dogs but more often than not I was quickly caught and put on my lead as soon as another dog was in sight – why can they always see other dogs before me??

Naimhy joined us again – I do love her but she will snarl at me and I get the feeling that she doesn’t really love me L  Oh of course Aunty Penny came too!

The revs looks about right to me
We had to go through a very long tunnel and I have never been so frightened in my life.  I wasn’t allowed on the back deck with Pa – I had to sit at the front with Ma.  It was very dark, noisy and cold and I whined until Ma realised that I wasn’t happy.  She got a towel and wrapped me up and cuddled me until I felt better.  The tunnel was 3 miles long and it took an hour and a half to go through – I thought it would never end but suddenly there was daylight again – phew!

Is it safe to get off?
I fell in the canal today – I guess it was my own fault as I tried to jump from the bank onto the boat and missed!  However I almost made it but not quite and hit my face on the side of the boat before crashing into the water.  I swam to the side (yes I actually swam) and Pa pulled me out.  I didn’t make a big fuss as, I have to admit, I was rather ashamed of myself.  There were no warm towels and sympathy for me – great parents I have eh? 

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