The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Peak Forest Canal

Yet another canal – however they all look the same to me.

We moved up to Bugsworth Basin which seemed very nice – we moored in a very quiet place and I was able to get on and off the boat as I pleased.  We went for a walk on our first night there and guess what?  I fell in the canal again!  This time I just wasn’t watching what I was doing – I was chasing a crisp bag and somehow missed my footing.  Of course no-one noticed that I was thrashing around in the water for some time then M & P noticed I was missing, turned round and Pa rushed back and pulled me out.  I have to admit that I was rather unimpressed with myself :-(  However I did make a new friend – Teddy.  He is a mini-me and is 4 months old, we had a great time and I wanted to play for longer but of course the humans didn’t! 
Me and Mini-Me

Pa hired a car and we all went off exploring.  At one place we went down a lot of steps into a dark and cold place which I now know was a mine.  We went on a boat which I didn’t really like as it was a bit scary but I sat on Pa’s lap wrapped in a towel which did make it a bit better.  Otherwise the day was very boring – in and out of the car and nowhere to have a good run.
Me after falling in
The next day M & P decided we would drive home – the roads were very twisty and I’m sorry to say that I was sick – I don’t mind motorways and nice straight roads but I hate the windy ones.

Me and Yoyo playing
It was quite nice to be at home again as I saw Aunty Vix and Yoyo (Millie is still a stuck up wotsit and won’t play).  I don’t get enough attention while I am at home so I had another go and pinching things and running around with them – I didn’t think much to the apricot I took from the kitchen table though!  I did get into trouble for stealing Ma’s glasses though – apparently she has got to have new ones – don’t know what’s wrong with a pair with a twisted arm and only one lens though!
Yoyo does get tired quickly
Our trip home was only a short one and we were soon heading back to Mary H.  I just love being on the boat as there is always something to look at and I get lots of walks 

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