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Monday, 19 August 2013

Macclesfield Canal

Most of this canal has been very boring as there weren’t many locks and you know how much I like locks.

I got into mega trouble the other day as I chased a bird and actually caught it in the long grass.  I was so proud of myself but when I took it back to Pa he was cross and said that I had killed it L  My Mum was a gun dog and she told me how to take birds back and said that they were always dead but she omitted to tell me that they had been shot and were already dead.  Well you live and learn.

I've got a new toy
 We went into Macclesfield – yet another dull and dreary town – to have a look round.  Oh how I hate towns but there was a good side to this one as we found a market stall selling pet stuff and Ma bought me two nice chewy bones.

We have finally done some more locks and I had great fun – Ma was in a good mood which made it even better.  I was exhausted by the time we got to the bottom – I’m obviously out of practice!

Ma kept on disappearing on a train, she came back again but never with anything for me.  She said that one time she had to go and get some glasses to replace the others I chewed when we were at home.
Just chillin'
Ma and Pa took me to a river and tried to make me swim again – why don’t they just give up???  They spent ages finding sticks and throwing them in the water – if I could get them without going out of my depth then I brought them back but I’m not that stupid to see that sometimes they seem to throw them just that little bit further.

So another canal ticked off in my little book.  The next one is the Trent and Mersey.

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