The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Catch up

I can’t believe how long it is since I last posted a blog.  It’s been all go though so hopefully you will excuse me.

When we got home from boating it was Ma’s birthday – a big one apparently but I won’t let on as to which one!  Pa was taking her out for the day and I was a bit worried that I was going to be left alone all day but I was whisked away to a doggie paradise by Amber, a very nice lady who was going to look after me.  Amber has six dogs but my favourite was Willow who is the same age as me but quite a bit smaller as she is a Jack Russell.  Amber also has cats, chickens and horses.  We went for a long walk and by the time I got home I was exhausted and needed a long sleep before Ma and Pa got back.
Next excitement was Niamh coming to stay though things didn’t quite go to plan as Ma was poorly and her birthday party had to be cancelled.  Niamh was also poorly so she wasn’t much fun to have around.

I knew something was up as later the next week the suitcases came out and as I didn’t notice any of my things going in I got the impression that I was being left behind – AGAIN!  Amber came and collected on the Friday and a big deal was made of saying goodbye to me – Hm now I know why as Ma and Pa were gone for 8 days!  I stayed with Amber on Friday and Aunty Vix over the weekend.  I went to see Aunty Vix’s friend, Karen, on Saturday and disgraced myself by being sick in the car L  On Sunday Aunty Vix took me over to see Aunty Shelley and left me there for what, I thought, was going to be a hair do but in fact it was 5 days!  I had good fun though as AS has 2 dogs.  Shadow is a black Labrador and Tallulah is a terrier, there are also 2 cats one of which was very bossy and didn’t like me chasing him at all – spoilsport!  I got stuck in the gate one day and AS wondered whether she should call out the fire brigade to release me but somehow I managed to wriggle out before she found her phone to call 999!  We did quite a bit of training as AS is very good at that sort of thing and I had a hairdo.  I was so pleased to see Ma and Pa when they came to collect me though as I was beginning to think that maybe I wasn’t going home at all.

The day after we all got home Pa was planting potatoes and I decided that he could really do with some help.  I helped dig the trench and did try to put the potatoes in but it was much more fun to scatter them around the garden for Pa to hunt down.  Ma and Aunty Vix reckoned I needed a bath – can’t think why!

What makes them think I need a bath?

Two days later the suitcases came out again but I noticed that my things were being packed too so was a bit more hopeful this time.  Ma’s friends Maggie and Richard came and we all bundled into their car.  I usually travel in my crate in the car but with Ma and Maggie on the back seat there wasn’t any room so I sat between them – I could get to like that.  We went to see Aunty Penny and Niamh but, guess what, I was left there while the others all went off again in the car and didn’t come back for 24 hours.  Still I had a good time playing with some doggie friends of Niamh’s which was just as well as Niamh was worried about having nine teeth out the next day.  Uncle Jim wasn’t too good either but he did take me for a nice walk the next day.  M & P collected me and we all went home.

A week later I noticed more things appearing in the hall – oh goodness where was I going this time but, joy of joys, we drove up to the boat and here I am now on a wet Thursday afternoon catching up with my blog as it really isn’t a day for being outside - even for me!

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you – I can now cock my leg when having a pee.  I feel a real man now J  Only trouble is that Ma and Pa keep talking about balls and vets.  The last time I saw a vet he stuck a needle in me, I didn’t realise that he was a nice man who played with balls – Ma gets mine from Pets at Home!

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