The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Back on the Boat

We’ve been back on the boat for a week now and it’s been all go.  I got told off at our first lock as I was so excited to be back on the canal again and got a bit carried away – nearly falling into the bywash! 

On the second day there were lots of locks to do and I have to say that Ma is quite good at operating them and we seemed to whizz through.  There was lots of walking between them and I was exhausted by the end of the day. 

I have discovered a couple of new things on the canals too.  One is a very dark tunnel which I don’t like at all as the engine makes a strange noise.  Ma now lets me stay down below when we go through which is much better as the noise isn’t too bad.  The second is a very high bridge like thing which takes the water into the air – I am informed that it is an aqueduct but who cares?  All I know is that it is a blooming long way down to the ground and I don’t intend to jump Pa so don’t worry!

On Sunday I went on a steam train – bet you didn’t know I even knew about steam trains did you?  Pa likes these huge black lorry like things which make loud noises and have chimneys – bit like the boat really and he has told me all about them.  It was OK I suppose but a bit boring – hey I had my own ticket though J

My train ticket
In the afternoon my cousin, Niamh, arrived with Aunty Penny and Uncle Jim.  They are staying with us for a week which sounds like fun.  Pa and UJ took Niamh and I for a long walk in the afternoon – I thought it was great but Niamh is getting a bit long in the tooth now (haha – long in the tooth get it?  Read my last blog if you don’t) and she gets tired quickly.

It’s been pretty chaotic on the boat with four people and two dogs but hey it’s all good fun really especially as AP and UJ keep forgetting about the “nothing on the floor” rule and I have found all sorts to play with J

I found a new friend while I was tied up by the boat.  Beau is a 12 weeks old retriever, that’s three months younger than me but hey she is the same size, something is wrong somewhere!  We had a great scrap and I was really sad when she went home L 
Me and Beau
Niamh had to get involved!
On Monday Pa took me mountain climbing – well up a very steep hill to see a castle that had fallen down.  Was it worth it I wonder?  Niamh gave up half way and had to go home – wimp!

Wednesday I experienced another first – going in a taxi.  I didn’t think much of it as I had to sit on the floor when I really like to sit on the seat, but we didn’t go far.  We went to see a castle, well Ma, AP and UJ did, Pa and I went for a long walk as apparently dogs aren’t allowed in castles – hmm.  We did meet up for lunch though which was good as I needed a rest and a drink.


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