The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

More on the boat

Last week Pa and UJ tried to teach me to swim.  They threw a stick into a lake and expected me to fetch it – now I really like sticks but why get wet when with a bit of encouragement I got Niamh to go and get the stick and then I pinched it from her when she got near me – not daft am I? 
If I just wait .....
Yeay - I got the stick.  Why bother to swim?
Another good place we stopped at had a big grassy area and Pa got my football out and I had a great game of noseball – I didn’t even know they had brought the ball with us.
Further down the canal we found AP’s motorhome – goodness knows what it was doing there!  I had a good nose round and it certainly was theirs – I remember peeing on one of the wheels when I saw it last.  We went for a ride in it – it was a bit like a bus but more comfy.  I settled down and went to sleep but Niamh just lay next to me hating every minute.  She really is a strange dog as she doesn’t like cars or boats – I have to say that I would rather be running around but usually I just settle down and sleep so that I’m full of energy for the next stop.
AP, UJ and Niamh went home – I missed them when they had gone as it had been great fun leaping on UJ in the mornings – his is the only bed I can get up on – and giving him a good wash.  He kept saying that he didn’t need a wash but everyone has a wash in the mornings - don’t they?  Everything was very quiet but I’m sure I will see them all again soon.
Me and Niamhy - we are friends really
We went on a bus again – this time to a miserable old town where there was nowhere to run around.  I really don’t know why they insist on going to towns – they know I don’t like them.
It was Pa’s birthday the other day and we went back to the nice grassy area which was a bonus for me.  Out came the football again and also the tennis balls – wahey!  We even had friends, Julie and Jeff, join us and I had great fun.
I've found a few friends recently - sadly though it's very unlikely that I will ever see them again.  Dennis was a Jack Russell and we had a great game on the towpath, then there was a collie at a lift bridge and we played in a ploughed field - Ma wasn't too pleased with the state of me, I have to admit I was a bit muddy!  There seemed to be a dog at each lock to play with - some nice and some not so nice. Yesterday we stopped for lunch and sat on the towpath however I got a bit bored and found something wonderful to roll in. I went to show Ma and Pa but all they did was say what's that smell, looked at me then hauled me off to the shower - why can't they understand that dogs like to be smelly!
I really didn't need a shower
So we are back in the Marina again so I guess we will be going home tomorrow. I wonder if anything has changed while I've been away.

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