The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Monday, 8 April 2013

Boating is exhausting

My goodness I’m exhausted.  It’s been a very hectic few days.  Monday we had Ma’s cousin, Sue, on board – what a nice lady she is as she kept giving me lots of cuddles and telling me how beautiful I am.

Just checking behind us
Tuesday we did six locks and I can now do them with my eyes closed – well Ma does them while I mooch about and see what I can find.  It’s hard work though all his hopping on and off the boat and supervising the lock operation.

Is Pa doing those locks right?
Wednesday we went into Chester, doing another eight locks on the way.  I wasn’t allowed to do the last ones as Ma thought it was too busy so I sat in my bed on the roof and watched the world go by.  In the evening we went for a walk down by the River Dee – Pa kept me on my lead in case I fell in.  I did try to tell him that I wasn’t going to do that as it must have been a 20 foot drop and I’m not that silly but he wasn’t listening.  We then came to, what I now know, is a racecourse.  We had to walk along a boring old pathway while just below us was wonderful grass and there is nothing I like better than to burn some rubber on soft grass.  I pretended to fall down onto the grass off the path and made the most of my escape.  However I couldn’t get back up – I do hope these legs of mine grow soon.  Eventually, after a lot of laughter, Pa pulled me up – phew I was getting a little worried.

I was shattered that night and slept till quite late the next morning. It was obviously the right thing to do as I got lots of praise for it.

The bus was so boring
On Thursday I went on a bus!  Ma and Pa seemed to find some lady talking very interesting but I decided to rest my eyes for a while.  We seemed to do a lot of walking in very boring places today but I did manage to find a few friends to have a quick play with, mind you some of these townie dogs are rather stuck up.  We had lunch in a rather nice little hut beside the river – Ma and Pa had a sandwich and good old Ma had remembered my lunch too.  Then it was back on the bus and being dragged round more boring places.  Still after that they took me back to the racecourse again but this time I didn’t think I really ought to go onto the track.

Just trying to look like a town dog
I’m afraid I wasn’t really a good boy during the night.  I couldn’t help myself as I really needed a pee at 2.30am but I guess there was no real excuse for waking up at 5am and then again at 6am but hey I was bored and wanted to get out onto the deck and see what was going on.  It was then back up through the locks and a few more friends to play with – the best friend was a black Cockapoo who is only a few months older than me and was great fun.

Saturday we headed back to the marina and I had ten locks to supervise – I have to admit to leaving the last one to Ma and sitting in my bed on the roof as I was just knackered.  Pa had already taken me for a long walk before we set off and sometimes I think that they forget that my legs are still very short. 

So my first boating trip is over and I am now at home again.  I really enjoyed the week and am looking forward to going again.

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