The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Monday, 1 April 2013

Going out

We went out and now I understand what it’s all about!  I have to admit that marina life isn’t for me – I like the big outdoors.  I wasn’t too sure about the loud noise that the engine made but I soon got used to it.  Ma had put my harness on and attached a piece of rope in case I fell in (hm – where was the rope when I needed it - but more of that later!)  

It wasn’t long before we came to some locks – I only know they are called locks as Ma gave me a good talking to before we got there.  I now know that they are very deep and I must be careful when crossing the gates – but hey I’m Mr. Wonderful so what can go wrong?  I have to admit that the walkway across the lock gates is rather narrow and when you are being pulled across on a rope it’s not that easy but Mr. Wonderful managed it.  I left Ma to wind the gate paddles up and down as I reckon it was easier for her with two arms than for me with four legs though my rope kept getting caught up round everything.  We did four locks and then jumped back on the boat.  I was exhausted so settled down in my bed for a nap.
A quick nap in the sunshine
We pulled over to the bank and everyone jumped off – not sure why but as Ma and Pa did I joined them.  There was a lot of banging metal sticks into the ground and ropes being tied to them.  I tried to help but just seemed to get in the way.

Then disaster struck.  I was having a good sniff around when suddenly a large black dog appeared behind me and frightened the life out of me – I jumped backwards and slipped down between the boat and the bank and into the water.  Of course both the rope and the harness were off by this stage but Pa was there is double quick time and dragged me out and handed me to Ma who had a warm towel ready.  I wasn’t too wet but my pride was definitely dented – I’m sure that Labrador was smirking.

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