The trials and tribulations of a boating dog

Sunday, 8 September 2013

River Soar

Oooo I likes rivers!  There is something about this river which is really nice.  It doesn’t seem to be too busy and the locks are fun – you can get 2 boats in them so quite often there were other people around too.

Our first night appeared to be in the middle of nowhere and I was allowed to run around until Ma and Pa realised that I was eating cow poo so they tied me up – spoilsports!  Our next night was good too as Ma and Pa took me for a very long walk and I managed to find more cow poo to eat J

A Lassapoo
I found two new friends. One was a Lassapoo who Ma thought was beautiful – I sulked for ages after that.  The next was another Cockapoo and she was well nice but we were both on our leads in a pub garden so we weren’t able to play very well.
Izzy the Cockapoo
Pa hired a car and we went to see Niamhy which was fun – she still won’t really play with me though but we did think up a game where she stands in the middle of the garden and barks and I run round and round her!  BUT Ma and Pa went off and left me with AP and UJ which I thought was a bit much.  They are very nice people but I did miss Ma and Pa.  However UJ saved the day as he left my bag of goodies on the floor and I was able to eat all the food that Ma had packed for me (including the plastic dishes) and 4 Dentistix – I have to say I did feel a bit sick after that.

When Ma and Pa came back we went for a lovely walk on Exmouth beach.  Niamhy came too and really seemed to enjoy herself.  I had great fun and made lots of new friends and even went into the sea up to my tummy.  Ma and Pa were really pleased with me as every time they called me I went back to them – I was a bit worried that I might get left on the beach but I didn’t tell them that.
Do you think my legs look a bit
short in this photo??
I did get into trouble at AP’s though as I cocked my leg and peed in their bedroom and the living room.  I knew I shouldn’t be doing it but I thought if I was really naughty AP and UJ wouldn’t want me to stay again.  I’m really sorry AP – Ma has told me off and I won’t do it again.

Then it was back to the boat – yippee!

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