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Monday 5 October 2015

Hey - I'm back!!

Hi Fans it's me again.  We have met some people recently who asked me why I don't blog any more - well I'm usually too busy to bother with it and also it is so hard to get to Ma's laptop as she is always using it but I've just discovered where she keeps her iPad so I'm having a go on that but it's very slow progress - I prefer a keyboard.

The big news is that I am in training - no not for a marathon or a triathlon I could do one of those easily I am so fit.  No Ma and Pa are training me - ha ha ha!!!!  They had a lady come to see us cos I just don't like being left on my own and she reckons that when they have finished training me I will be OK on my tod - ha little do they know!!

You see I just don't like being on my own.  It's not too bad when I have the run of the house I just bark a bit - well all the time really.  But they will insist on leaving me in the utility room on my bed

without the bed

and I ate my way out of a crate

you'd have thought they would have got the message by now but no, they have to get this woman in who thinks she knows better than me!  I'll show them.

The latest craze is trying to get me to fetch the ball.  OK so I enjoy chasing the ball but for goodness sake why do I have to drop the ball at her feet??  However she has started giving me bits of sausage if I at least get the ball near her feet - I know I can do what she wants but it's good fun to play dumb sometimes.  This is what I like to do with a ball. 

Pa has decided that I must walk closer to him when I am on the lead - he calls it heel.  I know he has a heel but I don't.  I like to sniff as we walk along which sometimes does mean that the lead isn't long enough so why not get a longer lead instead of buying something out of a torture chamber.  This horrid thing goes over my nose and I don't like it one bit - it hurts, well maybe I'm just being a cissy but it ain't nice.  I tried to take it off but it won't come off so I am having to walk close to his heel when it's on.  These humans are so stupid sometimes.

I keep hearing the words "when we get home we will do this".  I love being at home but I'm not sure what is in store for me.  I'll keep you updated.

I have sad news - since I last blogged both Niamhy and Banjo died.  I'm not sure what that means but they aren't here any more.  We spent some time during the summer with the Biscuit Boat and cos they don't have biscuits any more Diane got me some treats and I was allowed one a day - but if I smiled at her nicely sometimes I got two.  I hope we see them again soon.

Anyway I must stop now and catch up on my sleep - its been a busy day overseeing lock operation.  I will be back with more updates on my so called training - ha ha ha!

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